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Why Don't Your Members Stay Members?

Tue, February 15, 2022 11:16 AM | Mark Bowers

Very insightful survey performed by Community Brands!  Here's an excerpt of the study's key findings:

  • Members feel a lack of connection. While overall retention metrics remain strong, with the majority of members (84 percent) feeling satisfied with their membership. However, far fewer (55 percent) feel a connection to their professional membership organization.
  • Code of Ethics and consistent updates on industry information are must-haves for retaining members. Other top benefits are focused on intangibles, such as representing members’ interest, fueling growth and innovation, and raising awareness. Job, continuing education, and training opportunities are most important to Millennial and Gen X members.
  • Professional membership organizations struggle to communicate value. The top reasons members decide not to renew are centered around dues becoming too costly and the organization providing little value. The least loyal members, those most likely to have lapsed in the last year, see less value in intangible benefits.
  • Amount of information members want varies by loyalty level. Loyal members prefer detailed updates more than twice a month, while members less loyal to an organization prefer to just receive the big news monthly or even less frequently. Millennial and Gen X members are more likely to want more frequent communication.
  • Email reigns supreme with members. Email is the top-performing channel, regardless of a member’s generation or level of commitment. Surveyed members cite email content as the easiest to consume, most likely to keep them engaged, and most powerful for telling the organization’s story.
  • There is no consistency in collecting and using information for personalization. Seventy-four percent of surveyed members recall being asked for at least some type of personal information or preferences. However, there doesn’t appear to be consistency in terms of what organizations request, and whether they use the information effectively.
  • Nearly half of members feel their content is not personalized. Forty-seven percent of surveyed members say the typical content they receive from their professional membership organization is not personalized. Common content offensives include sending content that is irrelevant, boring, or in an inconvenient format. 
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